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 Life issues create fear and stress for most people.   Life difficulties cannot be assumed all.  There are various methods of handling stress and fear. It is difficult to manage anxiety.   Persons who visit the health centers are taught how to handle anxiety in most cases.  Anxiety can affect individuals until they die.  Taking a walk and talking to friends are ways that can help you deal with stressful conditions. Visiting spar can also contribute anxiety management.  People are taught the benefits of managing anxiety in their lives.  The counselors have provided most people with printed document talking about nervous after eating and the importance of managing stress.  Discussed below are the advantages of managing stress.  


 Healthy conditions


 Fear can lead to dangerous disease that might end up killing most individuals. The effects of anxiety, fear, and stress are very dangerous.  Stress management will not allow the situation to affect you.   Counselors will not leave you until you can manage to handle stress at your own.  It is better if you do the things that will help you manage the anxiety and hormones situation.   When you are out of stress and fear, you do not easily get sick.  Parents in good health will ensure that most of their family members are in good condition.


 Promote joyful moments 


  Stress will make you look dull and unhappy.  Happy persons are not disturbed in their hearts.   Joyful characters will have happy lives since they do have a barrier in their happiness.  Happy person work effectively to archive their goals in life.  Most of their families are also happy.  Free mind will inspire persons keep smiling and laughing even without reasons.   Persons who are happy have all the reasons to keep smiling. 


 Praiseworthy results


A person who is stress frees is always relaxed and always in a very good mood.   Persons who are bothered by fear or anxiety will be easy to work with in your organization.   A free mind will be able to work and achieve the goals and the objective that was set.  Stress free characters do a good and a credible job.   Persons at peace will be easy to be managed.  They are always understanding and ready to follow instruction given to them by the authorities. Their energy will be used to do constructive things. 


Helps person to look younger 


 Being free from stress will make you look good.   A person who looks good, is a person who is free from stress and fear.  Person spends a lot of money to buy the stuff that can help improve their faces.  A smiling face will always hide the wrinkles in your face. A happy face will always look younger and attractive.   A joyful face will earn you extra beauty.


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